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Secure App Development

Get an app with integrated CI/CD security, advanced testing, and airtight security

We've honed techniques to embed top-tier security in our CI/CD pipeline and DevOps for app development.

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In an era where cyber threats are increasingly sophisticated and pervasive, ensuring the security of applications from the ground up is essential.

The integration of robust security measures into the app development process is crucial for preemptive defence, yet it remains a challenge for many organisations.

How Xcidic Solves It?

Our approach to Secure App Development focuses on securing code from the very beginning


Integrated Security in CI/CD Pipeline

Incorporating security checks and measures throughout the development process to ensure that every release is secure by design.


Advanced SCA, SAST, and DAST Processes

Utilising state-of-the-art tools for software composition analysis, static and dynamic application security testing to identify and rectify potential vulnerabilities.


Continuous SIEM App Monitoring

Implementing round-the-clock monitoring to rapidly detect and respond to any security incidents, ensuring ongoing protection.

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