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Threat Intelligence

Leverage deep intelligence, enrich incident context, and accelerate response time

Our service offers key insights into state-sponsored cyber threats, equipping your team with up-to-date intelligence on APT group tactics for effective response. Granting quick access to detailed incident data, covering all essential aspects of cyber incidents.

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Understanding the activities of state-sponsored APT groups is essential to preemptively address new vulnerabilities

Preemptive detection provides our product competitive advantage in our fight against cyber attack through automated data collection, classification, and AI-powered analysis of hundreds of sources across the surface, deep and dark web

How Xcidic Solves It?

Our approach to Threat Intelligence is centred around SOC Radar's advanced capabilities


Advanced Threat Intelligence Capabilities

Providing in-depth insights and analysis of APT groups’ activities to inform and enhance your cybersecurity strategies.


Operational Context Enrichment

Enriching threat data with contextual information, enabling a more comprehensive understanding and effective response to cyber incidents.


Incident Response Information

Offering rapid and detailed information crucial for effective incident response, ensuring your team is prepared to act swiftly and decisively against threats.

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