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Desktop & Server Protection

Our EDR agent detects and blocks attacks from ransomware, new malware and malware variants

The EDR detects and blocks attacks via USB, Wi-Fi, shared folders and encrypted compression that bypass email or network connections. It is capable of responding to malware attacks targeting the vulnerabilities of document editing programs such as MS Office and Adobe Reader, web browsers, media players and messengers.

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Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) agent stands as a vital line of defence, proficient in detecting and blocking attacks from ransomware, new malware, and evolving malware variants across user segments encompassing desktops and servers.

The availability of instant data backup and restore functionalities is essential for mitigating the potential impact of ransomware attacks targeting our devices.

How Xcidic Solves It?

Our Desktop & Server Protection solution encompasses various advanced features to ensure comprehensive endpoint security


Dynamic Threat Landscape Adaptation

Continually updating defence mechanisms to counter evolving cyber threats.


Comprehensive Coverage of Attack Vectors

Protecting against a wide range of attack methods to ensure robust endpoint security.


Advanced Threat Detection Mechanism

Utilising cutting-edge technology to detect and neutralise threats swiftly.


Extended Protection for Diverse Attack Surfaces

Ensuring all potential entry points are secured, from common software vulnerabilities to unconventional attack channels.

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