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External Attack Surface Monitoring

Uncover and prioritise external risks for an unparalleled security insight

This innovative service offers critical visibility and insight into the severity of unknown external-facing digital assets. It automates the monitoring process, providing continuous visibility into a wide range of digital threats.

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Some cybersecurity tools contribute to gaining additional visibility into external facing digital assets, there may be limitations in the comprehensive automated process, this can result in gaps of the identification of potential risk

Understanding of the severity of unknown digital assets requires not only visibility but also contextual insight. The challenge lies in enriching the information available to provide a more nuanced understanding of the associated risks.

How Xcidic Solves It?

Our solution leverages SOCRadar's services to provide a detailed and effective approach to external attack surface monitoring


Comprehensive Risk Identification

Utilising SOC Radar to identify and assess a broad range of external digital risks, ensuring no threat goes unnoticed.


Risk Prioritisation

Evaluating and prioritising risks based on severity and potential impact, allowing for targeted and efficient security responses.


Adaptive Cybersecurity Strategy

Developing dynamic and tailored strategies to address the unique challenges and threats faced by each organisation.

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