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Security Information & Event Management (SIEM)

Automated threat neutralisation, resource optimisation, and streamlined compliance reporting

Our SIEM service redefines the cybersecurity landscape with real-time analysis of security alerts, automated threat detection, incident response, and comprehensive compliance reporting.

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The current landscape of cybersecurity requires swift and efficient handling of security alerts, proactive threat detection, and compliance reporting

The improvement is crucial to alleviate the burden on internal resources and create robust security infrastructure.

How Xcidic Solves It?

Our SIEM service offers a multifaceted approach to cybersecurity


Automated Threat Detection and Response

Implementing cutting-edge technology to detect and neutralise threats in real-time, significantly reducing response times and enhancing overall security posture.


Resource Efficiency

By automating key security processes, our SIEM service frees up valuable internal resources, allowing your team to focus on strategic tasks.


Efficient Compliance Reporting

Streamlined reporting processes ensure compliance with regulatory standards, providing peace of mind and reducing administrative burdens.

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