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System Information and Event Management (SIEM)

The service provides real-time analysis of security alerts by automating threat detection, respond to security incidents, and provide compliance reports, freeing up internal resources.

system information and event management


Generate vast amounts of log data from diverse systems and devices, making it challenging to manage and monitor security events.

Identifying and responding to security threats in a timely manner.

Compliance with industry regulations and security standards is a significant challenge for a company.

Managing security operations, including monitoring, alerting, and incident response, can be overwhelming.


Provides centralized log management, collecting logs from various sources and allowing security teams to monitor and analyse events in a unified manner.

Analyses security events and logs in real-time, applying rules and correlation techniques to detect anomalies, patterns, and potential security incidents.

Assist organizations meet compliance requirements by collecting and analysing the necessary data, generating compliance reports, and providing real-time monitoring and alerting for compliance violations.

Streamlines SOC operations by automating log collection, analysis, and incident response workflows.


MEND Static Application Security Testing (SAST)


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