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Enhancing AppSec for a cybersecurity solutions provider

The development team at Xcidic, equipped with DevSecOps best practices actively
supports the product`s development. We introduced enhancements to the DevSecOps process, which Protos Labs eagerly embraced and adopted with satisfaction!

Enhancing AppSec for a cybersecurity solutions provider

Product Uses

Secure App Development

Secure App Development




Up to 80%

Reduction in MTTR

Up to 99%

Reduction in open-source audit process

Up to 15%

Faster in remediating issues

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Implementing secure coding best practices to mitigate vulnerabilities


Establishing a framework to address known vulnerabilities through third-party component updates


Continuously monitor third-party components for potential vulnerabilities


Educating development teams regarding secure third party components and its best practices

Services Provided

Secure App Development

Prioritising secure coding to guard against threats. Diligently updating, vetting, and monitoring third-party components for security risks as we embed security into every stage of our development lifecycle.


Integrated Security in CI/CD Pipeline

Incorporating security checks and measures throughout the development process to ensure that every release is secure by design.


Advanced SCA, SAST, and DAST Processes

Utilising state-of-the-art tools for software composition analysis, static and dynamic application security testing to identify and rectify potential vulnerabilities.


Continuous SIEM App Monitoring

Implementing round-the-clock monitoring to rapidly detect and respond to any security incidents, ensuring ongoing protection.