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Integrating Threat Intelligence into Existing System

Xcidic implements External Attack Surface Management, Digital Risk Protection, and Cyber Threat Intelligence, to help fortify HKCerts organisation against evolving cyber threats and increase the speed and efficiency of security operations, reduces overall security risk, and provides insight into emerging threats.

Integrating Threat Intelligence into Existing System

Product Uses

Threat Intelligence

Threat Intelligence





Faster in threat identification

Up to 75%

Reduction in unplanned downtime


Increase in threat resolution time

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Establishing proactive measures for threat hunting and reconnaissance to identify potential security gaps and indicators of compromise (IOCs)


Integrate Cyber Threat Intelligence feeds to bolster security monitoring and incident response capabilities with actionable insights on threats and adversary tactics


Deploy a Digital Risk Protection platform to monitor digital assets

Services Provided

Extended Threat Intelligence

This state-of-the-art solution utilizes powerful machine learning technologies to analyze vast amounts of threat data sourced from a multitude of open sources, social media, and the dark web. By leveraging this comprehensive approach, the XTI can help security teams quickly identify and prioritize threats, providing them with proactive security.


Threat Intellegence

This tool will obfuscate, encrypt, virtualize, and isolate your app’s code and resources.