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Do you know about the new Safe App Standard in Singapore?

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MEND Static Application Security Testing (SAST)

The tool supports 27 programming languages and multiple frameworks, seamlessly displaying security alerts in the developer's native environment, including their code repository.

static application security testing


Detecting programming errors, potential security vulnerabilities, and coding best practice violation.

Incorporating security practices into the software development lifecycle can be challenging.

Manual code reviews can be time-consuming and prone to human error.

Providing educational resources for developers, helping them understand common security vulnerabilities and coding best practices.


Identifying insecure coding practices, such as input validation issues, insecure cryptographic implementations, or code injection vulnerabilities.

Integrate seamlessly with development environments and provide security feedback directly to developers during the coding phase.

Provides automated analysis of source code, reducing the effort required for manual review.

Enhances developers' knowledge and supports the adoption of secure coding practices across the development team by providing detailed reports and explanations of identified issues.


MEND Software Composition Analysis (SCA)


System Information and Event Management (SIEM)