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Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Test

We've chosen the top market tools to safeguard and monitor our client's applications or services. Our SIEM application delivers real-time analysis and security alerts by deploying agents into the system. Enhanced threat analysis is enabled by implementing Honeytrap as an early warning system.

Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Test


The company’s system might have uncovered security weaknesses that could be exploited by malicious actors.

The effectiveness of existing security controls of the company hasn’t been tested because of no real cyberattack.

Security awareness among employees and understanding of the potential risks have not been developed well.

The company can not prioritise its security investments and allocate resources effectively.


Our cybersecurity surveillance leverages advanced security technologies, including incident & event monitoring, log analysis, and threat intelligence, to monitor, identify and detect potential threats in real-time.

We offer dedicated incident response, featuring swift handling by trained security analysts.

Our cybersecurity surveillance centralizes log analysis, correlating various data sources to detect potential threats.

Our security analysts enables comprehensive investigations, damage assessment, and security enhancements post-incident.

Scanning Phase

type of scan

Vulnerability Scan

Service enumeration

Port scanning & enumeration

Penetration Test & Analysis

Directory traversal

Username and account enumeration

Public information gathering

Malicious file upload and remote code execution

Password attack and authentication bypass

Automated and manual injection testing

Proposed software vulnerability list

And more tests...


Cybersecurity Surveillance


Legal & Compliance